PROPEL® Mometasone Furoate Implant

When patients with chronic sinusitis have symptoms that continue even with medications, sinus surgery may be an option. During the surgery, the ENT surgeon will enter the sinuses through the nostrils to open blocked sinus pathways and clean out infection. Opening the inflamed sinus pathways allows the sinuses to drain better and improves air flow.

While surgery provides benefit to many patients, inflammation and scarring can take place even in the first 30 days, diminishing the impact of surgery and causing symptoms to return. But a new technology, the PROPEL® Mometasone Furoate Implant, that is placed at the time of surgery, is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and scarring.

When placed in the sinus following surgery, PROPEL decreases scarring and inflammation, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures as well as oral steroids and their potential side effects. The spring-like PROPEL implant props open the ethmoid sinus to maintain the surgical opening, delivers an anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinus lining, and then dissolves, avoiding the need for removal.

Talk to your ENT to see if PROPEL is the right option for you.