In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty – Lasting Relief Without Surgery

Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis are looking for a treatment option that provides lasting relief without surgery or the side effects and cost of traditional surgical treatments. ENT Bowling Green offers in-office balloon sinus dilation for appropriately selected patients. In-office balloon sinus dilation, or balloon sinuplasty, offers a minimally-invasive option with a fast recovery, and is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of patients.  

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Performed by a qualified ENT physician, balloon sinuplasty is used to treat chronic sinusitis patients who have not responded to medications and therapies.  Similar to angioplasty to open blocked arteries, balloon sinuplasty uses a balloon to expand the sinus opening in order to flush out mucus in the infected sinus. Following the procedure, the treated sinus remains open to allow for normal sinus drainage and relief of sinus pressure.

Since the procedure is relatively new, long term studies are not yet available. However, studies report durable results lasting up to two years after the procedure.

Prior to the introduction of balloon sinuplasty, the only surgical option for clearing blocked sinuses was known as functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). This traditional method of surgery, which removes bone and tissue from the nose to enlarge the sinus opening, usually requires general anesthesia and has an associated longer recovery period.  

FESS may still be the most appropriate treatment option for many patients. Patients are evaluated using CT scan prior to scheduling any surgical or balloon procedures to ensure the appropriate management option is selected.